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Everything you need in one package for Video Production with built-in Video Switcher & Virtual Sets pretty awesome ...

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FinnCast Studio

Full Studio only $99

Video Production Software

Rated 5 based on 18965 customer reviews

Intro Video

  •   4 Camera inputs
  •   4 NDI inputs for cameras and NDI devices
  •   4 Live Skype Callers simultaneously
  •   2 VLC Video Players
  •   2 Audio Players
  •   3 Virtual Studios with changeable Sets
  •   Box Side by Side
  •   Picture in Picture
  •   Auto Pan & Zoom Cameras Virtual Sets, NDI
  •   Green/Blue & Red Screen Chroma Keying
  •   Video switcher with 35 transitions
  •   4 Virtual Screens With Switching
  •   Lower Thirds Editable on the Fly
  •   5 External Monitor Switching
  •   Recording
  •   Live Streaming
  •   Multi Down Stream including clock   logo.
  •   Built-in Audio Mixer
  •   Scrolling Banner Text
  •   Take live video snap shots
  •   Multi masking
  •   2 Custom MultiViews
  •   Custom Keyboard Configuration
  •   Virtual Camera compatible with Skype
video mixing software

Finncast Teleprompter

only $29

Telprompter Software

Rated 5 based on 189109 customer reviews

Intro Video

  •   Professional TV Presenting
  •   Speech Reading
  •   Live lectures
  •   Live Events
  •   Loads rich text documents
  •   Speed up slow down scrolling easy
  •   Load your read document and press play
  •   Full keyboard commands
  •   Can be controlled by media remote control
  •   Flip text Vertically / Horizontally
virtual set software

Finncast Teacher

Online Teaching with Skype

Full Smart Board

Rated 10 based on 100 percent

Intro Video

  •   1 Camera input
  •   1 Video Players
  •   1 WhiteBoard
  •   1 Auto Reader
  •   1 Adobe Reader
  •   Picture in Picture
  •   Lesson Scheduler

 Video live Broadcasting Streaming

Finncast is a video production software with everything you will need in on package. It eliminates so much traditional equipment as it has a built-in video switcher with 35 transitions, green screen removal, built-in Lower thirds editable on the fly. 2 video & 2 audio players with audio mixer. 4 video inputs for cameras and other devices. 4 NewTek NDI inputs for any NDI Device. It even has 3 independent virtual sets that are powerful and realistic with changeable Images. It has full recording to local or remote disk and live video streaming to any streaming website or server including YouTube Live, Facebook Live, VK, Twitch and so many more. A fully functional Virtual Camera is standard. Scrolling text from file or rss feeds is included as standard. Up to 4 Skype callers can be added simultaneously with independent audio control. All Skype callers can be switched individually or added to a multiview. We suggest you watch the tutorial videos Here to see exactly how amazing Finncast really is. Who would use Finncast? Anyone involved in making videos or live broadcasts. Are there monthly or yearly subscription fees? No, you purchase once and it is yours. Open broadcaster software for professionals.

 Live Video Streaming recommeded computer to use

  • Minimum Computer Specification Windows x64 7 / 8 & 10 CPU Dual Core 2.0GHZ 4 GB memory, Graphics card Minimum Resolution 1920x1080 with own GPU and dedicated memory 1GB.
  • Recommended Computer Windows x64 7 / 8 & 10 CPU Quad Core 2.0GHZ, 8 GB of memory, Graphics card Minimum Resolution 1920x1080 with own GPU and dedicated memory 2GB. The better the computer specification the better the performance.

  Video Capture Cards / Camera Connections

 Stream to any server & pre intstalled sites

  •   YouTube
  •   FaceBook
  •   Twitch
  •   VK
  •   Ustream
  •   VaughnLive
  •   Stream Spot
  •   Scale Engine
  •   Many More

 What is NDI?

NDI stands for Network Device Interface. It was developed NewTek. NDI is Designed to run over existing gigabit networks. NDI can send and receive Video, Audio, Metadata all together or individually. NDI can transmit NDI compatible cameras, NDI ptz cameras over the local network in which Finncast Studio will receive these devices. The devices can be from hardware devices like cameras or from software like Skype callers. For full information on NDI visit NewTek NDI

Tutorial Videos

This video will show how our Live video streaming software works

Watch our tutorial videos on using Finncast


   Demo Video


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