Finncast Teleprompter software is ideal for public speeches & live broadcasting. It is used by professionals and individuals in tv production / live broadcasting & and public speeches. Reading your script could not be easier. The script can be written in rich text format using MS word or WordPad. You can also edit the text in Finncast Teleprompter on the fly. Using your own computer or laptop with Windows is all you need.

Additional monitors can be added easily allowing a viewable monitor for each reader or whoever needs to view it. Only one computer is required, and you can even have another person control the speed of the scrolling text / pause / play or you can do it yourself using a remote control.


Our Teleprompter software will work with any monitor or teleprompter viewing hardware. Of course, all you need is a computer monitor & a computer running Windows 7 or 10 to use Finncast Teleprompter. The font type, color & size can be changed with ease.  The speed of how fast or slow the text scrolls is fully controllable from the software or using the keyboard or a media remote control. You can pause when need, quickly rewind or fast forward the text. Text can be quickly edited in the software if needed without needing to re-edit in Word or WordPad. The remaining percentage of words and text are displayed at all times to the controller and is ideal for timing the text being read.


Who would use Finncast Teleprompter?

Anyone making a video, live broadcasting, public speeches, basically anyone speaking to an audience.

Can it be connected to several monitors?

Yes, as many monitors you wish. Only one computer is needed to control the Teleprompter then simple using a video distribution unit multiple monitors can be added. If only two monitors are required, then a laptop is more than sufficient.