Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I activate my license key?

After you download & install Finncast Studio, when you open it for the first time you will be presented with a registration window. There you will see your computer id in green text. You will also see a button named Copy Id, when you click this button it will copy the computer number. Paste the number into an email and send to us. We then make your license key and email it back to you. The email address is located  in the registration window. After you enter your license key Finncast will start to work fully

Is Technical support Free?

All customers receive technical support free when ever needed.

Can I live stream to Facebook & YouTube?

Yes! Finncast Studio can live stream to Facebook & YouTube and any website or server that supports rtmp/rtmps.

Does Finncast Studio support NewTek NDI Devices?

Yes Finncast Studio supports NDI devices. There are 4 inputs in Finncast Studio for NDI devices and cameras.

What operating system is needed for Finncast?

Windows 7 or 10 is required.

Are All upgrades free?

No! minor upgrades are free. Major upgrades usually adding new functionally are at a cost in order for us to pay our development team. You can continue with an older version without needing to upgrade.

How many computers does my license cover?

Your license for Finncast Studio or Teleprompter is for one computer only. You can buy additional licenses at a discount price if you are an existing customer. If you buy a new computer, the license can be transferred at no additional cost.


Do I have to pay monthly or annual fees?

No! When you buy Finncast Studio or Teleprompter your license is for life. We do not charge any subscription Fees.

Can I build systems for re-sale using Finncast Studio?

Yes! absolutely you can, once you have purchased a license key from us. If you are building many systems you can contact us  for  discounts for purchase of multiple licenses.