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Finncast Studio only $49    

Finncast Solo all in one package for video production.

As Standard in Fincnast Solo

  •   1 Camera input
  •   2 Video Players
  •   2 Audio Players
  •   1 Virtual Studio with changable Sets
  •   Box Side by Side
  •   Multi Camera View
  •   Picture in Picture
  •   Auto Pan & Zoom Cameras & Virtual Sets
  •   Green/Blue & Red Screen Chroma Keying
  •   Video switcher with 35 transitions
  •   4 Virtual Screens With Switching
  •   Lower Thirds Editable on the Fly
  •   5 External Monitor Switching
  •   Recording
  •   Live Streaming
  •   Multi Down Stream including clock , logo.
  •   Built-in Audio Mixer
  •   Scrolling Banner Text
  •   Take live video snap shots

Everything you need for Video production

Finncast Solo is a video production software with full video production aimed at the solo broadcaster. It has a built-in video switcher with 35 transitions, visual effects, and has its own video players included. Full green screen removal and Lower thirds can be created on the fly. You can have 1 Virtual Set with changeable Sets or backdrops. The virtual sets are very powerful with virtual screens, pan & zoom and you can add videos, images, text & virtual screens. Full video recording is built-in for video formats Mpeg,MP4,Wvm,Flv, Mov, Mkv & Avi. Full live streaming is built-in for YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, or any streaming site or server that supports rtmp. Scrolling text comes as standard you can scroll rss feeds also. You can control an additional 5 external monitors for switching & 1 video input devices like camera, computer, projector, tablet basically anything that has a video signal output. Finncast is a powerful video production software that has full studio capability and cuts out so much hardware traditional used. As you will find, it is the most affordable video production software on the market and offers the highest quality than its competitors. Compatible with Windows x64 7,8 & 10.

Finncast Solo only $49    

Finncast Studio all in one package for video production.


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